Nate attacks a stranger at Chris’s picnic

Nervous about his picnic date with Nate, Chris asks Georgia, Kyle, Brennan and Paige to join them. Chris and Nate take it slow and start to open up to each other, Brennan and Paige flirt up a storm, while Georgia tells Kyle she’ll have the throat surgery. Nate agrees with Chris that they should meet up again, but when a drunken yob muscles in on their day, Nate attacks him. Freaked out, Nate heads off, leaving Chris confused.

Toadie is shocked to discover Sonya has asked Naomi to work at the office again. Sheila tries to put her off but Naomi thinks she can keep everything on a professional level. Things are awkward to begin with as they ease back into working together. Naomi is feeling that sense of longing again, but takes out her phone and sends a text to Josh, who sneaks into the backyard. She tells him nobody can know about them, before kissing him passionately.

Seeing Josh on his second date in a day, Paul asks him his secret. Josh tells him about Ziva and Paul tries it out. Sheila soon catches him on it and she, too, signs up.