Nate becomes Sheila’s boss

Ezra offers Nate the role as Trainee Manager at The Waterhole and demotes Sheila – effectively making Nate the boss. Although Sheila tries to convince him to forget their official hierarchy, Nate’s soon following Ezra’s rules. When Sheila refuses to complete a task, Nate angrily puts his foot down.

Clem gets a text message in class and rushes out, clearly upset. Later, Brad checks Clem’s confiscated phone and Susan catches him. Brad explains he had a duty of care to see what was wrong, but Susan isn’t buying it and when Clem refuses to back up Brad’s story – Susan suspends him pending an investigation.

Brennan takes Paul’s advice and, against his better judgement, asks Naomi to a wrestling exhibition. She agrees to go and tries to get a reaction from Paul by telling him about Brennan asking her out, but is left hurt by his blasé response. Paul, meanwhile, is starting to regret his decision, but puts his own feelings aside and says he’ll help Brennan get the girl.