Nate buries Susan alive!

Susan spots Nate heading into the park carrying a shovel and watches as he feverishly digs a hole. When Nate leaves, Susan trips, falling into the hole, and knocking herself out. Oblivious to Susan’s presence, Nate returns to refill in the hole – burying an unconscious Susan alive.

When Ezra invites Terese to dinner, she seeks out Brad. But when an argument erupts, Brad suggests a more permanent separation. Hurt, Terese agrees but it’s clear neither really means it. She vents to Paul, who suggests that Ezra is just be what she needs to help her move on. After dinner, Ezra suggests they work in Terese’s room but once there, she realises she’s made a mistake. Howver, Ezra won’t leave the room without getting what he came for.

Sonya receives another anonymous text, while Georgia is surprised by Naomi’s arrival back in town. When she accidentally comes across one of the poisonous red letters in Naomi’s suitcase, Georgia tells Toadie and Brennan. As Toadie confronts Naomi, Sonya receives yet another text and this time dials the number back. To her horror, a phone starts ringing from Nell’s room.