Nate calls a psychiatrist to help Sophie

Nate saves Sophie from the burning caravan and she claims she started the fire because she was cooking a meal for herself and Nate. Confused, Nate asks Sophie if she’s taken painkillers, which she reacts angrily to. Later. Sophie wakes up at the hospital alone, as Nate finds out from Alf the stove in Sophie’s caravan was never turned on. Nate confronts Sophie who claims she didn’t cause the fire and Nate saved her because he loves her. Disturbed, Nate calls a psychiatrist.

Sasha plans to cheer up Spencer by organising a bonfire. However, tempers fly when Sasha decides to invite Matt and Josh alone. Matt and Spencer argue over who will light the bonfire causing Josh to snap and tell them he may not be the father of Maddy’s baby. The next day, Leah tells Matt it’s not too late to apply to university.

Evelyn starts to see things differently now Josh may not be the father of Maddy’s baby. With Roo by her side, Maddy tells Josh and Oscar she is having an ultrasound. However, Maddy is devastated when Nate tells her there is no baby…