Nate commits to Sophie

Hannah runs off after her kiss with Nate. She admits what has happened to Denny, who advises her to clear the air with him. When they meet, Nate says he’s committed to Sophie despite their problems.

Sasha tries to get Matt prepared for their first exam but he’s preoccupied with his father as the pair bond at Angelo’s. When Matt tells Gray they can visit Ellie after his exams, Gray scolds him for putting school before family. Pressured to drink by his father, Matt wakes up late for his exam with a hangover. Leah finds him in the caravan and gets him to school, but he sleeps through half the exam. Sasha’s furious, but Matt lashes out, saying her advice tore his family apart.

Tyson is relentless in harassing VJ, but Leah and Zac simply advise VJ to ignore Tyson. At school, Tyson throws himself against the lockers so people think VJ attacked him. Sophie and Leah realise Tyson is lying, but VJ’s upset that Leah didn’t believe him.