Nate confesses all to Kat

Kat confronts Nate about his distant manner over the past few days, but he shrugs her off and goes to work. At the hospital, Phoebe tells Kyle she is keeping the baby. Meanwhile, Nate tells Ricky he’s furious with himself for giving Kyle ‘off duty’ care and the decision is affecting his relationship. So Nate confesses all to Kat when she arrives at the hospital. Disgusted, she berates him and Ricky for their poor judgment.

Josh tells Evelyn that he’s no longer taking drugs and is feeling better. Evelyn heads off to do revision, but is stopped by Damo who leaves her shaken. Evelyn rushes off to confront Josh and demands that he goes to the police about Damo. With his relationship on the line, Josh plucks up the courage to tell Kat that Damo is the dealer.

Upset with Josh’s actions, Evelyn calls time on their relationship. However, as she leaves, Damo quietly enters the house with a cricket bat…