Nate Cooper comes to John’s rescue

Nate Cooper rushes over when he hears Marilyn's cries for help

Nate Cooper comes to Marilyn and John’s rescue after John’s nasty fall on the boat. At first, John shakes the incident off, but when he collapses at The Diner, it’s clear that something is wrong. Tori runs a scan on his brain and Marilyn and John are devastated by the results.

Alf is desperate to stay close to his grandson, so he makes Caroline an offer she can’t refuse. Later, Caroline taken a mystery item out and is left anxious when she loses her handbag in the ocean…

Later, Caroline has no choice but to head to the hospital and makes Nate promise that he will keep her appointment a secret from Tori. But has Tori overheard?

VJ is trying to do it all, be a good student, prepare for fatherhood and earn a living – but will he push his body too far?