Nate and Tori are friends again

Tori and Nate talk about their feelings - but it's clear Nate is hiding something...

Tori and Nate bury the hatchet, and although Nate finds it hard to hear her talk about Duncan, he provides a shoulder for her to lean on. But will their closeness lead to something more serious?

The appearance of Duncan’s wife and son, Caroline and Bryce, is already stirring up trouble in the Bay. First, Caroline makes Tori feel uncomfortable. Then she has a run-in with Alf. After Caroline’s antics, will Duncan take her back?

Brody has another flashback of his mother. This time she’s shouting at him to keep quiet about a conversation he’s overheard – but will Brody be able to remember the details of the conversation?

Also, will Justin show up for his date with Phoebe – or will his run-in with Decker turn out to be fatal?