Nate denies his feelings for Hannah

When Sophie sees Nate and Hannah in their embrace she warns Nate she’s watching him and Hannah. Later, Nate and Hannah admit they are attracted to each other, but they can’t let anything happen. In his confusion, Nate tells Sophie to put an offer in on a house together.

Trying to get into Shandi’s good books, Chris tries to throw John a stag party, but he rumbles their plan. When John sees Marilyn walking in his direction, he hides and in the process pulls a back muscle. Despite his reluctant nature, the boys manage to throw John a stag party, but the next day his back his worse.

The wrong wedding dress arrives at Marilyn’s Hen Party, but Shandi believes her life-drawing class – with Chris as the naked model – is the perfect distraction. Spencer tells the Hen Party that John been rushed to hospital and, with John refusing medication, so that he’ll be alert on his big day, Marilyn cancels the wedding!

Also, Chris signs Spencer up to an internet dating website. However, Spencer says his doesn’t need help as he has his eye on Shandi…