Nate arrives back from conference and is excited to see Ricky until she suggests they attend John and Marilyn’s vow renewal separately. But Nate soon convinces her to attend the ceremony as a couple.

Irene is furious when she finds out that Olivia stole James’s credit card to book her flight! She eventually agrees she can stay for a few weeks. Next, Olivia tracks down VJ and the pair nearly kiss after having a cake fight. Olivia’s mischief continues when she convinces VJ to take Leah’s car for a spin.

Phoebe heads to the vow renewal, while Kat continues to drink herself into oblivion. Ricky overhears Ash talking about Kat’s drinking and asks Nate to intervene. When Nate gets to the house, Kat is asleep on the sofa, so he pours all her vodka away.

When John tells Marilyn that Jett can’t make their wedding, she breaks down and says the wedding is off. John manages to talk her round and, as the pair begins to say their vows, Marilyn has a change of heart.