When Toadie asks Nate to step in as manager at the nursery while Sonya is away, Nate turns the offer down. Susan is surprised and encourages him to rethink the offer.

When Harold asks Toadie to help revise his will, a quick phone call to Carolyn reveals the pair have split up as they were not the soulmates Harold thought they were. He tells Daniel the news but Harold secretly fears that he and Amber are not the soulmates that he and Madge were.

After Nate has helped Sheila and Susan install a hidden camera in the share house to catch the underwear thief, they see Georgia swallowing a pill from her bag. Susan worries she is lying to Kyle about wanting children and when Sheila sees Georgia’s handbag lying on the couch, her snooping confirms their worst fears.

Amber uncovers the tragic tale of Agnes Robinson, and her doomed love for Frederick Ramsay, which cemented the Robinson and Ramsay family feud when the couple were forbidden to marry. Deeply affected, Amber and Daniel vow not to let history repeat itself.