Nate has a shocking secret

Chris is elated at Georgia’s recovery and insists on buying Nate a drink. But as they are drawn into a friendly game of pool, Nate comes to Brennan’s attention for his odd behaviour. Brennan confronts Susan, who later finds a combat knife in Nate’s bag.

Amber laments the years of hard work that lie ahead at university. So when Daniel suggests a gap year, she leaps on the idea until Paul expresses his disapproval. Heeding his advice, Amber spirits Daniel away for a spontaneous camping trip instead. But as Paul sings her praises Amber throws caution to the wind and urges Daniel to embrace a new destiny with her.

In the wake of Georgia’s emergency, the good news is that they’ve managed to fix the problem. Karl thanks a member of the surgical team but gets an uneasy feeling that there’s more to Georgia’s adverse reaction than her surgeon is letting on Returning home, Georgia is touched at the effort Kyle has gone to for her.