Nate is spiralling out of control

Nate is dismissive when Susan asks him if he is all right. He also deliberately blocks his counsellor’s attempts to engage and also Chris’ probing questions. Later, however, we find Nate, out in the bush, furiously digging a hole in the middle of the night and it becomes clear that something is very wrong.

When Imogen refuses to attend her Year Twelve formal, Doug plans a Willis family formal and invites Terese to join. While the night starts well, the tension between Brad and Terese finally erupts leaving poor Imogen devastated. When Daniel and Amber show up, Imogen retreats to the backyard, where Daniel finds her as she breaks down in his arms.

When Karl checks on the bed Kyle is making for him, his requirements turn out to be somewhat exacting. So it’s only natural that Kyle becomes anxious when there appears to be a creaking sound emanating from the bed. Gary suggests he take a breather and fixes the problem while he’s out. Kyle is grateful and it seems the relationship between father and son is growing stronger.