It’s the morning of Pc Nate Roberts’s driving assessment and Pc Tony Stamp is taking his role as Nate’s examiner very seriously. During the assessment, Tony gets cross when Nate loses a speeding car, which is then involved in a hit-and-run. The officers rush to the aid of a badly injured Layla Dwyer, and try to calm her frantic brother, Noel.

Nate takes Noel to see his father, Sean, who blames Noel for not looking after his younger sister. The officers track down suspect Rory Gallagher, who admits to the hit-and-run – but they are shocked when Rory reveals that he’s been stealing vehicles from the car dealer he works for and Noel has been in on the thefts. A distraught Noel later surprises Nate by handing himself in.

Noel admits he’s been stealing cars to help his dad out with the bills. When Noel reveals that the car dealership is a front for a drug dealing operation, Nate and Tony set up a sting and get a result when they find a stash of drugs in the cars.

Concerned about the Dwyers, Tony and Nate later head over to their house, where they sense something’s not right. After finding Sean with his wrists slashed, Nate heads upstairs to check on Layla and Noel and fears the worst as he opens a bedroom door…