Nate is torn between love and duty

Pcs Nate Roberts and Ben Gayle visit the home of Jill Bentley, whose daughter, Sarah, has reported an attempted break-in the night before. After finding evidence of a party, the officers stumble upon unconscious teen, Wesley Fitzroy. At St Hugh’s, Nate takes a shine to pretty nurse Maria Joseph, who recognises Wesley as a friend of her brother, Emmanuel.

Emmanuel tells Nate that he and Wesley were at their football team’s party the night before, but Wesley left when local drug dealer Aubrey Haynes turned up. But when evidence proves that best pals Wesley and Emmanuel had a fight that night, Emmanuel is arrested and Nate is determined to do everything he can to help Maria and her brother.

Later, Sarah is reported missing and Nate and Ben find her by the edge of a bridge. Sarah confesses that both Wesley, her boyfriend, and Aubrey were at her house the previous night and claims that Aubrey urged her to take drugs and tried to rape her as Wesley slept. When Wesley woke to see what was happening, he fought with Aubrey and the two fled the house.

When Maria tells Nate that Emmanuel has gone after Aubrey, Nate and Ben soon find the pair – and Emmanuel’s got a knife. But when a scuffle breaks out and Emmanuel plunges the knife into Aubrey, Nate finds himself torn between love and duty…