Alf returns back from hospital and Matt and Maddy fill him in on everything he’s missed, but he snaps at them. At the hospital, Roo tells Nate the incidents take place when he’s looking at war medals and Nate realises he may have post-traumatic stress disorder.

Meanwhile, Jett returns from the city and tells John he has some important news. He’s joining the army. John thinks it’s a joke, until Jett says he’s deadly serious.

With an MRI scan pending, Leah is scared about what the future holds and if she should tell VJ. Zac comforts her and, together, they tell VJ, who wants to support his mum when she has the scan.

Matt and Maddy say they have missed so much school, so Evelyn decides that she can help them with revision. Josh doesn’t think it’s a good idea, as it could encourage a romantic relationship. As they spend more time together, Matt and Maddy become more and more flirtatious.