Nate is starting to become resentful about his decision to not accept the job with Care Flight and refuses to open up to Tori when she tries to discuss things with him. At dinner, Justin asks Tori if things between her and Nate are OK, but Tori assures him that things are just fine. Later, Tori is left hurt when she realises that Nate has blown her off to spend time with Leah and cheer her up. She is left devastated as she watches the pair splash in the Summer Bay sea.

After spending some time together, Nate and Leah discuss their relationships. Leah tells Nate where things went wrong with Zac and Nate admits he’s not happy with Tori. After Nate’s admission, Leah advises him to think carefully about turning down the Care Flight opportunity. With Leah’s advice he talks to Tori and tells her he has decided to accept the job offer. How will this affect their relationship?

John feels rattled after visiting his old childhood home. He turns down a dinner invitation from Jett and Marilyn and Jett is convinced John is hiding something. John eventually admits that he has been having flashbacks to the night his father died and believes he murdered him by lighting a fire. Is John right?