Cheryl’s surprise to Nate backfires when she invites his Mum, Cressida, over for afternoon tea, desperate to impress. However, Nate isn’t impressed by the surprise, knowing how his Mum treats him. He tells his Mum exactly what he thinks of her and realises that all he wants is Cheryl and proposes.

Jacqui is still reeling from her ordeal with Alan. She ends up telling Trudy about Gilly and is shocked when Trudy tells her she’s been raped too. It seems there’s more to Trudy then meets the eye and the pair have more in common then they first thought.

Brendan returns to the village, determined to take back control and hires Jim McGinn as his lawyer. He’s furious that Jim hasn’t come up with a plan to clear his name of the sexual assault charges and heads over to see Kevin with an offer he can’t refuse.

Also, as Kevin understands the full repercussions of his actions, he tries to hide his huge secret from Walker.