Nate reads a damaging text from Ricky

Nate and Ricky's relationship is on the rocks again

Ricky admits she’s scared Nate will grow to resent her now she can’t give him children but Nate assures her that she and Casey are enough for him. They kiss, relieved to have finally shared their feelings. Phoebe’s relieved to hear Nate and Ricky have patched things up, but when her phone beeps with a message from Ricky – “All good. Don’t tell Nate what I said!” Nate pressures Phoebe to tell him.

Chris catches Olivia cutting herself and promises to help. Olivia then tells Hunter that allowing Chris to help her, instead of him, means the couple can get back to normal. That night, Chris tells Olivia about a youth group counselling session at Yabbie Creek – he’s signed her up. Later, he tenderly looks at a photo of him and Hannah.

Dom runs into Phoebe – Bella’s gone missing! She and Dom had an argument and she took off. Phoebe heads home and finds Bella there! Bella admits she wanted to apologise but Dom and Phoebe feel awkward when she asks if they’re going to get back together.