Aaron tells Nate that just before the explosion, he found Tom in the underground car park of the hotel. Tom punched him and, in defense, Aaron knocked him out. Aaron believes that if he hadn’t have done this, Tom would have left before the explosion. He’s desperate to confess to Julie Quill, but Nate explains Tom’s body has never been recovered, so until that happens, they should keep quiet.

When Ben realises that Xanthe has been stalking him online, he gently rejects any romantic possibility between them. Undeterred, Xanthe contemplates desperate measures to win him over.

Imogen makes the arrangements for Josh’s funeral, including writing the eulogy. She’s stressed out but luckily Daniel is there to help her through, and the bond between them becomes stronger than ever.

Pam arrives to help with Doug’s cremation and attend Josh’s funeral. Lauren soon discovers that, when Ned was living in Darwin, he did something unforgivable to Pam but Doug wouldn’t let Pam tell Brad. Ned is desperate for Brad not to know about the incident so Lauren covers, for now.