Nate is dismayed by his dad’s reaction to the news that he’s gay. A furious Matthew Gurney (Reece Dinsdale) lashes out at the school, blaming staff for encouraging Nate’s sexuality. Above all, he is determined to keep his son away from Josh. Does this spell the end of a promising relationship? Not if Tom has anything to do with it, although his well-meaning advice may not have the outcome he was hoping for.

Karen finally seems to be getting closer to finding out the truth about what Bex was up to during her long absence from home. Unnerved when a mysterious man comes to talk to her about her daughter, she is determined to find out what he knows.

Elsewhere, Cesca is in denial about her attraction to Jonah. Try as she might, however, it’s hard to fight – especially when he turns up at her house and spells out his intentions. It can’t be long before word of their dalliances gets out.

And on the subject of guilty pleasures, Grantly’s book-swap with Ruby opens his eyes to the work of a novelist he isn’t familiar with… Jilly Cooper!