Nate sees Dimato attack Michelle

When Michelle suggests a tryst with Tyler to get him onside, a jealous Dimato slaps her – her fictional assault story having just become reality. Having witnessed this, Nate confronts Dimato and, when Mark later bumps into Nate, it’s clear he’s done something stupid.

On the verge of abandoning Dimato, Michelle regains her composure when Paige’s outrage at this new assault spurs her to commit to putting an apartment lease in her name for Michelle. Meanwhile, Michelle is thrown when Mark shows up with a mug shot of Paige’s kidnapper, Warren. Later, Michelle tears strips off Warren for not wearing a mask and potentially derailing the revenge plan.

Jimmy is rushed to hospital following Bossy’s attack. Council ranger Carla arrives, having received a complaint about a dangerous dog and takes her away to the pound. Kyle appeals to Jimmy to tell the ranger he provoked Bossy but Amy’s outraged and asserts that Jimmy will be telling the truth. Later, Paul arrives at the hospital to check on Jimmy and reveals to Amy that he called the ranger.