Nate questions Ricky’s motives behind her proposal and says that rushing to get married won’t solve their problems. The next morning, Nate asks John if he and Ricky can move in while he’s in Europe. When Nate tells Ricky his idea, she’s thrilled.

The teens head to university for the first time, but everyone makes fun of Oscar, as he’s decided to try out a new look as a hipster. Later, Evelyn bumps into Hannah who is also starting a course to become a paramedic. Hannah admits she loves Chris and when Evelyn hears the confession she encourages her aunt not to give up on the relationship.

Needing to chat about her stressful living arrangements, Roo turns to Irene, who is struggling to track down the baby she gave up in her teens…

Relations are improving between Evelyn and Josh as he invites her out on date. Meanwhile, Hannah decides to go to The Diner to talk to Chris, but in her haste she falls over and hits her head on the ground.