Patricia and Nate meet for the first time and Patricia mistakes Nate’s nerves as him being stand-offish. This leads her to question Chris about Nate’s staying power. Given food for thought, Chris then questions Nate’s loyalty leaving him hurt. Angry, he turns on Susan.

Brennan discovers Dakota has arranged for Daniel to take the truck delivery. Meanwhile, Dakota finds out Brennan used to be a cop. Greta orders the strike and after a chase, Matt takes down Dakota’s associate. Brennan helps secure the truck – packed with boxes full of smuggled diamonds. Dakota’s associate won’t give her up, so Brennan and Matt search her room only to find Paul there. They tell him what’s going on and Paul is devastated.

When Matt discovers Daniel is going to be caught in the sting operation he arrests him for jaywalking. Amber rips into Matt and guesses he’s doing this to punish both Daniel and her. Matt helps Brennan secure the truck then lets Daniel go. He tells the kids why he did it and both Daniel and Amber thank him.