Nate is shocked to learn that Dimato has threatened to harm the Kennedys if Karl speaks out about Michelle’s abuse. He tells Karl not to involve the police – he’s seen firsthand what Dimato is capable of doing and doesn’t think the cops will be able to protect them. Unable to reach a compromise, Nate decides there’s only one thing he can do to ensure the Kennedys safety.

Piper and Tyler’s tryst is interrupted when Brad arrives home. Piper manages to slip out the back door before they can be discovered, but the incident is way too close for comfort for Tyler. Although he has feelings for Piper, he knows she’s still at high school and her father is his flat mate. 

A guilty Daniel learns Imogen has become cynical about love and asks whether they can still be friends. He also tells her that the hotel’s occupancy rates are higher than the number of available rooms. Imogen jokes that someone could be laundering money, but Daniel takes her seriously and wants answers.