Nate’s fight for Ricky leads her to Brax

Casey is confused in the wake of finding out he’s a Barrett. Kyle’s worried about him and, after Casey’s initial hostility, Kyle’s able to get his message across – family isn’t just about blood. Still struggling, Casey decides to leave Summer Bay for a while.

Nate finds Ricky back in the middle of Brax’s complicated life, and tells her she deserves better. He lays his heart on the line and tells her the key to Ricky’s happiness is as simple as choosing him. Later, Ricky goes to check up on Brax, and Nate’s words are forgotten as the pair end up kissing.

When Brax confronts Phoebe about calling Casey’s fight into the cops last night, Phoebe defends herself – she did the right thing. But when Kyle hears Brax has yelled at Phoebe again, he takes Brax to task. Surprisingly, Brax apologises and admits he was wrong.

Alf throws Josh out when he finds him sleeping with Maddy in her bedroom, and he comes to an agreement with Maddy – no more sleepovers. Josh asks to stay with her until things settle down with the Casey situation, so she can’t turn him away. But when Josh tells Alf that he’s already slept with Maddy, Alf loses it, and kicks him out of the house.