Pc Nate Roberts is starting to like his job at Deansgate School, mostly because of the time he gets to spend with attractive teachers Becky and Laura. But the school is full of problems and Nate is forced to step in when parent Jermaine Brooker goes toe to toe with Matt Gilbert outside the school. Jermaine’s son, Carlton, sees his father fighting and is horrified – but he gets into a fight himself inside the school and Nate starts to wonder what’s going on in the Brooker family.

It turns out that Jermaine has become the target of a hate campaign because he was present when a woman was raped 18 months earlier. He had nothing to do with the assault but that seems to count for nothing and officers later find Jermaine badly beaten at his home.

Further investigation by DC Jo Masters and trainee DC Will Fletcher leads them to Stacey, the rape victim, where they discover that Matt is her boyfriend. Is he also the person who put Jermaine in hospital?

Stacey admits to the officers that she has only just told Matt that she was raped and appears genuinely shocked to hear what has happened to Jermaine. The detectives continue to hunt for Jermaine’s assailant and are surprised when they find out who did it…