Nate asks Sonya to re-hire Aaron as her assistant but she suggests a compromise – a job at the nursery. But when Aaron discovers the offer was prompted by Nate’s interference, he tells Nate to stop trying to look after him. Puzzled, Nate pushes Aaron to open up, and he makes a shocking confession – he’s responsible for Tom Quill’s death!

When Ben sees Piper’s upset over her broken laptop, he uses the stolen money to buy her a new one. Xanthe’s jealous and confronts him, which leads to them almost being sprung by Susan and Karl. They manage to talk their way out of it and later Piper gives Xanthe her blessing to pursue Ben.

When Sheila points out that Steph is essentially guilty by association, Steph realises she’s right. If Paul can convince her he’s innocent, she’ll fight to keep the motel afloat. But if not, she can kiss goodbye to her future.

Also, Karl bends over backwards to prove to Susan that he’s keeping away from Sarah.