Nathan and Holly are spotted kissing!

A guilty Ellie decides to tell her brother Nathan the truth. Later, Marnie and Ellie see Nathan and Holly kissing and things get more passionate inside The Emporium – but Holly panics when Nathan notices the mark on her right shoulder from her seatbelt injury.

Zack’s loyalty is torn between Sonia and Lisa, while Jade’s shocked when Sonia tells her she’s given The Tugboat to Lisa. As Sonia bumps into Jesse and is clearly charmed by the newcomer, Jade spots them and warns Zack, who realises how much he wants to be with Sonia. Zack interrupts Sonia and Jesse’s ‘date’ at The Loft, tells Sonia how he feels and they kiss. Unfortunately, Lisa then spots them together in the village.

Also, Cindy’s alarmed when Holly tells her someone from the consumer institute is on their way to The Emporium. Cindy manages to save the day, though, and it even looks like she’s making a breakthrough with Dirk.