Nathan blackmails Leyla!

A drunk Nathan has crashed his car outside the village. Unfortunately he’s survived. Unfortunately for Leyla, that is… He calls her to the scene and tells her she’s to tell the police she was driving. And if she doesn’t, says nasty Nathan, he’ll tell people – such as David – they slept together. Does she have a choice?

At Tug Ghyll, Charity goes to work on Cain, giving him back his £20,000 in a bid to gain his trust. He’s not going to be easily won over, though and Carl’s an impatient man. In The Woolpack, he demands a progress report from Charity, who tells him it will take a bit of time but she knows how to handle Cain. Does she? Or will Cain catch her out?

Sally certainly knows how to get what she wants… She has Bishop George apologising to her for underestimating Vincent’s problems. Even though Vincent has denied smashing Edna’s window, the Bishop has checked him in to a retreat, where he will get help. That leaves Sally free to move back into the vicarage, where Ashley attempts to comfort the tearful woman by saying he’d be lost without her. Oh, Ashley, what are you saying?

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