Nathan gets into trouble with Cain!

Nathan goes to a business do and drowns his sorrows. As he leaves the event drunk, another guest mistakes him for a valet and gives him the keys to his Porsche. Too drunk to drive, he calls Ryan to pick him up and lets him assume the car belongs to him and drive it home. When they arrive back in the village Nathan admits to a horrified Ryan that the car is stolen.

Chas tries to sneak out of Pear Tree Cottage but is mortified to be caught by Edna, Nicola and Jimmy. She’s relieved that Aaron doesn’t suspect her after her night with Carl and confides in Katie how upset she is and how stupid she feels.

Vincent ends up in a heated row with Ashley when he and Sally belittle his cricket team. The bishop arrives and witnessing the argument he decides to swap the teams around so that Laurel is with Vincent and Sally is with Ashley!

Also; Michael arrives at the garage to apologise to Debbie, who refuses to forgive him but agrees to let him buy her lunch at the café; Nicola is worried that Holly is going to take her job.

*Second Episode, 8.00pm*

Ryan pulls up to the garage and asks for Cain’s help. Later, Cain arrives at Home Farm and tells Nathan he needs £5000 to get rid of the car, Nathan reluctantly agrees and asks Mark for the money. When he refuses, Nathan threatens to tell Will about his affair and a worried Mark is forced to give in. In the pub, Nathan gives Cain the money and warns him not to come asking for more. Cain quickly puts him in his place warning him that if he needs more money he’ll ask for it.

Chas tells Carl that the other night was a one off. She feels guilty about betraying Paddy and pleads with Carl not to barge his way back into her life, she’s moved on. Carl persists and tells her just because he can’t have her, doesn’t mean he’ll stop wanting her.

Laurel is forced to go and meet her new team mates with Vincent, while Ashley is left feeling uncomfortable with Sally. He agrees to have a drink with her in the pub but makes his excuses to leave as soon as possible.

Also; Debbie is puzzled when she’s knocked back by Michael; Nicola decides to take the baby to work.

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