David’s irritated when Leyla agrees to spend a second evening with Nathan… The sly boy says it’s work-related and even invites Doug. But when Nathan gives Leyla a pearl necklace Gennie and Katie become suspicious of him. After the ‘meeting’, Nathan persuades Leyla to join him at Home Farm for a drink. Launching a full-on charm offensive, mixed with alcohol, Nathan eventually pours Leyla into his bed. Next morning, the shame-faced shop assistant tells Nathan she should never have slept with him and rushes home. But has Nathan finished with her?

Faye, meanwhile, is thrilled when Mark drops by. After putting them both through the emotional wringer, he says he’s going to leave Natasha. But when he gets home Natasha has a surprise for him: a night in a posh hotel – with her. Faye later hears about it and Ryan notices that she’s devastated. Faye tells him she has no feelings for Mark but is she lying?

Adam has very angry feelings about Aaron getting Holly drunk. Aaron insists she enjoyed herself but Adam gives him a long, hard look before storming off, leaving his parents and Paddy a bit bewildered by his behaviour.

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