Nathan is going to make Leyla pay

Material girl Leyla has certainly paid for those designer shoes she so desperately wanted – and with more than just the £250 she ‘borrowed’ from the Home Farm shop’s petty cash tin. Nathan has been using and abusing Leyla ever since he covered up her theft and now he has her taking the blame for his drunk driving.

He enjoys making her squirm at work and, later, Gennie finds Leyla in the village in tears. She confesses all to her friend and, when Nathan continues to taunt her, she angrily resigns from the shop. But Nathan is not prepared to let her go and a frustrated Leyla slaps him. That just makes matters worse, though and the vile boy tells Leyla she’ll do what he says or he’ll ruin her life.

Over at the vicarage, Sally is again ruffling feathers in the Thompson family nest… She’s determined to establish herself as Ashley’s right-hand woman and, while Laurel wants to see Sally happy, she’s not prepared to let her take over her life. Is that what Sally wants to do – or is she just trying to be helpful?

Hannah turns to Sam for help with her chickens, so she can raise the money she needs for her school trip. But she doesn’t know where to turn when her friends laugh at Sam – and her. Is trouble hatching?

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