Nathan is kept in the dark

What is it that nasty Nathan smears on his toast in the mornings that sets him up to sail through each day believing he is calling the shots at Home Farm? Nathan’s enjoying Declan’s disappointment over the rejected planning permission, but he offers to help Declan’s renewed efforts as long as Declan keeps his hands – and lips – off Natasha. Nathan’s feeling very pleased with himself when Declan agrees, but he wouldn’t be smirking smugly if he knew that Declan and Natasha have agreed to embark on a secret affair.

Farmer John’s another Emmerdale male who thinks he has the upper hand. Daughter Holly convinces her dad that she’s a good girl now simply by telling him what he wants to hear. John’s so happy with Holly that he gives her back her mobile phone and says she should invite her pal Roz around. So now Holly can dial-a-drug and get high aided and abetted by rotten Roz. Wake up Johnboy and smell the manure!

Elsewhere in Emmerdale, Aaron and Jackson are not happy that Adam has fixed up Jackson with a building job in the village. Fences need mending between the two gay guys, but do either of them have the tools for the job?

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