Nathan meets The Tormentor

Nathan finds an anonymous note in his jacket pocket, telling him where and when to meet the villain who has been mentally torturing his mother and himself. Scared and desperate to know who’s tormenting him, Nathan does as he’s told… and is shocked when he discovers just who has been pulling his strings. He doesn’t know The Tormentor is bluffing and doesn’t really know that bigamist Mark is dead and buried in the woods at Home Farm. So Nathan has to take seriously a demand for 10,000 pounds to keep quiet.

Emotional blackmail, though, proves fruitful for Shadrach… Marlon visits his uncle in hospital and nearly needs a bed himself when Shadders tells him he’s moving in with Marlon at Tall Trees to make him feel better about running him over! Oh no! Oh yes!

At The Woolpack, Diane is worried when charming Charlie isn’t his usual chirpy self. Is he going off her? Or is he just going off…?

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