Right, everyone, shout at your TV screen: ‘Maisie, don’t leave your phone alone with Nathan!’ Oh well, we tried but she must be deaf. Maisie’s already shown Natasha the picture she’s found of Ryan wearing that chain, not realising she’s completely panicked her. Sitting in the cafe, thinking about going to the police, nasty Nathan says he’ll go with her for support. But when Maisie goes to the bathroom Nathan nicks her phone. He can’t have her flashing around evidence that suggests Ryan’s innocent…

Dirty flirty Eve can’t have Carl thinking he has the upper hand… and that just makes him want her all the more. She’s good at this game. He comes on strong and she ignores him. Later, though, when she’s home alone and just out of the shower, Carl appears, keen to get things all steamy again.

Less steam more stale ale at The Woolpack, where Nicola is fuming because Jimmy’s gone on a driving job after Maisie has taken a sickie. When he gets back Nicola sends him to the cellar to change a barrel – and locks him in. That’ll teach him! Teach him what exactly… to stay out on the road away from Nicola?

*Second episode*

So, nasty Nathan’s nicked Maisie’s phone. Devastated to think she’s lost the evidence that could clear Ryan, Maisie sets off to see if anyone else has pictures of Ryan at the party. Declan has noticed the tension and is intrigued when Natasha reveals that Maisie had a picture of Ryan which supported his claim to innocence. What Natasha doesn’t tell him is that she now has Maisie’s phone and has deleted the picture. But Maisie has seen enough to doubt Ryan’s guilt.

Carl’s still at Edna’s and has seen enough to know that while dirty flirty Eve says she doesn’t want him her body says she does. But before anything can happen between them Edna arrives home – and that’s as effective as throwing a bucket of cold water over the pair. Carl can’t keep the glint out of his eye, though. Jimmy sees it and tells his brother he’s playing with fire. But who will get burnt?

At The Woolpack, Rodney decides to help Jimmy and Nicola resolve their differences – by locking Nicola in the cellar with Jimmy. Oh, that’s cruel! But effective. Nicola reveals she can’t cope and Jimmy promises to help more. By drinking less of the profits?

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