Nathan sabotages Lee and Katie’s date

Lee asks Katie to go for a drink in the Woolpack but they don’t realise that Nathan is listening in. Nathan deviously holds Lee back at work making him late for the date. Lee thinks he’s missed his chance but arrives at The Woolpack to find Mick singing his praises to Katie. Things seem to be going well until Nathan intrudes again and Lee is put out when Katie seems impressed by Nathan.

Eli visits Danielle in prison and asks her if she will get into a fight with Debbie to get her hospitalised so he can break them out of prison. Danielle doesn’t want to be used to help a Dingle yet again and Eli thinks he’s blown it. Later, the Dingles learn that Debbie has been hospitalised. Eli reassures them that he is behind it as he has a foolproof plan to break her out.

Scarlett complains to Daz that it feels like they’re living separate lives. When Scarlett tells him she wants more from their relationship he nervously asks whether the ring in the pie was a proposal. Daz realises he was wrong about Scarlett’s proposal and that the ring belongs to Edna. Daz apologises for ignoring her lately and their relationship seems back on track.

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