Lee won’t forgive Mick or return to work for the Wyldes. Katie appeals to Nathan on Lee’s behalf. Mick begs Lee for a chance to explain and Lee agrees to forgive him when Mick explains he’s in debt and desperate. Lee suggests he move in and offers to help him financially while he sorts himself out.

Nathan attempts to create a rift between Katie and Lee by coercing her into having a drink with him. Nathan offers Lee his job back to stay in favour with Katie, but Lee throws it back in his face. Nathan walks Katie home and when he leans in, Katie expects a kiss, but he pecks her on the cheek and Katie feels strangely disappointed.

Belle confides in Will about Zak’s disappearance, but then lies that her dad has gone to work in South America. Word reaches the villagers that Zak isn’t the poacher and Shadrach spreads the word in the hope that Zak will return in time for Belle’s reading at the Easter celebrations. Lisa warns that if Zak disappoints Belle by not turning up there will be hell to pay.

Also, Lexi confronts Carl about avoiding her and complains that Nicola and Jimmy have more of a spark than they do.