Will Nathan take advantage of Bethany?

After gaining Bethany’s trust Nathan put his plan into action in Corrie

Nathan takes Bethany back to his flat. Bethany apologises profusely for questioning his innocence and swears that from now on she will trust him implicitly. Nathan kisses her passionately, but what’s he got in mind for Bethany?

As Liz and Steve tentatively hand over Ruairi’s ashes, Michelle breaks down and Steve does his best to comfort her.

Toyah is forced to tell Leanne that she and Peter let Simon go to a party at the Trafford Centre and they haven’t seen him since. Leanne tears a strip off Toyah and Peter for their irresponsible behaviour and tells Toyah that she wouldn’t understand as she’s not a mother.

Adam takes Trina to the bistro, plies her with wine and after quizzing her about their dodgy drug-dealing client Ronan, takes her back to the flat. Alya, Kate and Rana enjoy themselves in town.