Nathan threatens Andy

Nathan demands that Maisie ends things with Andy, but she refuses. Nathan changes tack and instead confronts Andy and tells him to dump Maisie or he’ll make his life miserable. Maisie arranges to meet up with Andy in The Woolpack and snogs him in full view of everyone, including her family. Nathan confronts Andy at the back of the pub and throws a punch, but Andy ducks and Nathan hits the wall.

Sam suspects that Zak has poached a deer from the Home Farm estate and he’s gutted that Zak could put his job in jeopardy. After his shift, Sam returns home and his heart sinks when Lisa serves up venison for dinner. Zak explodes when Sam queries where it came from and Lisa reveals they’ve got a deal with a local butcher. Sam is ashamed and Zak tells Sam not to accuse him again without proof.

David is confused when Leyla avoids his attempts to arrange a date with her, although she clearly likes him. That evening David catches Leyla working at the factory late and she admits to him that she needs cash to pay for her mum’s nursing home fees. David asks her to share her problems in future and Leyla is touched by his attitude.

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