Natasha’s big confession to Will and Maisie has got stuck in her throat. She knows that telling them she killed their father will cause irreparable damage to their lives and she can’t do it. What she can do, though, is go straight to the police and tell them what she’s done. Apparently, it will be so much better for Will and Maisie to hear from a stranger that their mother is a murderer. Well, Nathan could always tell them, but he doesn’t want Natasha to confess to anyone. He catches up with her outside the police station and tells her there’s another way out of the mess…

Adam is determined that the only way forward for Holly is to tell their parents that she has a drug problem. Aaron forces Holly to give Scarlett back the purse she stole, but Adam wavers when farmer John and Moira walk in on them as they argue about her drug-taking. Is Holly going to get away with it – again?

At The Woolpack, Diane tells Doug he was right and charming Charlie was hiding something – a fatal illness. Desperate to spend whatever time he has left with him, Diane decides to borrow money, using the pub as collateral.

*Second episode*

It’s murder being Natasha Wylde… She’s killed her bigamist husband and her nasty son Nathan knows it. Natasha’s convinced that confessing will be good for everyone, but Nathan tells her he has another way out for her: they can frame someone else for Mark’s murder… and he has the perfect fall guy in mind. He really is more twisted than a pretzel. But will Natasha agree to such a dangerous, duplicitous plan, or will she go ahead and put her hands up?

Adam’s also in two minds about whether or not he should lie for Holly or tell their parents the truth. With a heavy heart, he backs up his sister when she says she was drunk the night before, not drugged. But later, as Holly’s feeling sorry for herself, Adam tells her she’d better shape up.

Without any help from anyone but the bank manager, Diane overcomes the financial hurdle that was in the way of her move to France with charming Charlie. She has borrowed the money Charlie needs for his property development and they can leave together for France next week. Mon Dieu, that was easy. Now they can be happy for as long as he lives.

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