Mick agrees to help Lee with his duties at Home Farm as he still feels secretly guilty for indirectly causing Lee’s accident with the hunting trap. Nathan is interested to hear of this development from Katie and continues to goad Lee about where Katie’s affections lie. Lee lunges at Nathan and has to be restrained by Mick.

Mick is horrified when Nathan makes it clear he knows he is the poacher and he expects to be fully reimbursed. Mick agrees and begs Nathan to keep the truth from Lee. Lee notices the two of them arguing, however and confronts Mick, who is forced to come clean. Lee finds it hard to take in the revelation that his granddad is the poacher. Nathan can’t resists stirring things further at The Woolpack later that evening. Lee takes a swing at Nathan and Nathan sacks him from Home Farm.

Zak still hasn’t made contact after doing his disappearing act and the Dingles are worried. Sam receives some good news when Nathan asks him to reconsider his resignation and offers him more money. But with everyone’s minds still on Zak’s disappearance Shadrach suggests that he’ll come home when he’s ready, but Lisa is on edge at the possibility he will miss Belle’s school recital.