Nathan’s hold over Bethany darkens

Nathan and Bethany kiss as he assures her he loves her in Corrie. Run girl, run!

Rosie confesses to a dumbfounded Sophie how she told Adam about the drugs and she suspects he’s stolen them. Adam confides in Todd and suggests they set up in business together. What will Todd say?

When Bethany explains to Sarah that her phone video was a total flop online, Sarah urges her to return to the salon and make another professional one instead. But will Bethany be reeled in by Nathan again?

Daniel apologises for letting Ken down while Ken struggles to make small talk with Sinead. Ken laments to Brian how he has high hopes for Daniel and worries that Sinead will drag him down.

Explaining that he’s short of cash, Phelan persuades Ken to give him the rest of the money for the kitchen up front.