Nathan’s job is on the line

The department is under investigation over its handling of the bombing incident, and Tess, Charlie and Nathan are first in the firing line. Nathan is determined it won’t be him and is quick to blame Charlie. Stunned by the disloyalty, Tess fights to clear Charlie’s name while Charlie takes the opportunity to highlight the department’s problems.

Matters are made worse when the local rag runs a story revealing the utter chaos within Holby. Someone has obviously spoken to the press and the rumours spread through the hospital as to who it was. Alice soon uncovers the truth and makes it her mission to confront the whistleblower.

Elsewhere, a disillusioned and desperate Guppy goes on a mission to bring Harry back from Westminster, convinced that he’s the answer to Holby’s problems – but Harry’s far from pleased to see him and sends him away.

Also, Maggie has some surprise visitors for Josh.

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