Out There with Jack Randall – National Geographic WILD

In Out There with Jack Randall, zoologist Jack Randall heads to the dangerous places to see what's there – so we don't have to!

In Out there with Jack Randall tonight, there’s a moment when adventurous zoologist Jack Randall, 31, is thrashing around barefoot in an Australian swamp (!) looking for pythons (!) in the dark (!) where you wonder… is he foolish or fearless?

For many this National Geographic WILD show will be the first time they’ve clapped eyes on the enthusiastic explorer.

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Don’t worry, he’s a dab hand at sweeping audiences along with his passion for the more frightening aspects of wildlife.

Northern Territory Australia - Jack Randall poses with a Water Python, one of six types of pythons found in Australia's Northern Territory

Careful! Jack and a water python

In the first outing of this six-part series – undoubtedly the first of many – Jack goes in search of the elusive Oenpelli python, stopping along the way to enthusiastically milk a cane toad.

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It’s worth mentioning Jack was an apprentice to the late, great Steve Irwin and follows in his fondly remembered mentor’s footsteps… no doubt delighting younger, less-squeamish viewers!

TV Times rating: ****