Natty and Daniel come to blows

Ste is surprised when Natty turns up in Il Gnosh and tries to warn him about Daniel but Ste refuses to listen and throws him out. Natty breaks into Daniel and Abi’s to try to get something on them. Daniel realises that Natty has ransacked the flat and he finds him and pushes him into punching him. Ste and Abi find Natty with a bloodied Daniel and call the police and Natty scarpers.

Malachy wants to get some work rebuilding The Loft but the construction company is fully staffed. Malachy tells Calvin that the builders are cowboys. Spencer overhears and sacks the builders and employs Malachy and Calvin to do the work, as well as hiring Carmel to run Evissa. A knackered Malachy crashes out on the sofa after a hard days work and Mercy is proud of her hubby.

Sarah gets a job in a call centre along with Kris, Zak and Zoe. Kris plays the rebel by turning up in an outrageous outfit but his supervisor doesn’t care what he wears and is impressed with his Irish accent. Kris and the graduates have to take a written test and Kris comes out top and it seems that he’s quickly becoming teacher’s pet!

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