Funny and poignant, this terrific road movie sees Bruce Dern as a cranky old-timer determined to claim a $1million prize.

His exasperated son (Will Forte) knows that the sweepstake is a marketing scam, but his addled 77-year-old dad is convinced he has won the money.

So Forte finally agrees to the cross-country drive to the claims office as a way of getting closer to his father, whose manic obsession may be an early sign of dementia.

En route, we learn a good deal about dysfunctional families, as well as American dreams and disappointments, and meet some fabulously eccentric characters.

Directed by Alexander Payne (Sideways, The Descendants), the film, made in black-and-white, is simply stunning to look at and picked up six Oscar nominations, including acting nods for Dern and June Squibb, as his even more cantankerous wife.