Ned and Janae make up

Ned is dismayed to find Janae attempting to move out after her run in with Kirsten at the Oakey reunion. But, after an argument, the couple both agree to give things another go. Libby admits that she needs to let her strong hold on Drew’s memory go if she and Darren are to have a future together. Although she is still not willing to forgive his infidelity, there are signs of a thaw between them. Having asked Marco to slow down their relationship, Carmella starts missing him. Marco reiterates his feelings for her and says he can only give her all or nothing. Carmella finally decides what she really wants, and kisses Marco in a public display to signal their relationship is very much on. Karl is angry at Susan’s apparent disregard for her health when she arrives home from her life-affirming day out. But his attitude makes her lose her temper and she tells him she’s the one who has to put up with the disease alone. Karl is hurt that she clearly thinks he isn’t supporting her – but when Susan discovers Karl has returned to work as a doctor, she recognises just how much he’s willing to sacrifice for her. VIDEO: Watch Neighbours highlights here