Mickey makes a desperate phone call to Ned to tell him where he and Kirsten are. Ned and Janae manage to track him down to the bus station where Kirsten is attempting to persuade her reluctant son that they’re going on holiday to Brisbane. Janae tries to talk Kirsten around, and when Kirsten sees her son jump into Ned’s arms, she realises she has to put Mickey’s needs first.

Miranda is horrified to learn that Bridget caused Declan’s accident, and is further shocked to discover that Bridget forged her signature on the consent form. Steve suggests Bridget is being stubborn and determined to be a tomboy because of Miranda’s high expectations of her, leaving Miranda to remind Bridget that she loves her just as she is. Meanwhile, Rebecca witnesses Bridget’s awkward apology to Declan and spots some sexual tension immediately.

Oliver isn’t impressed when mum-to-be Carmella signs the lease on a small apartment. She accuses him of being a snob but he argues that she is going to very extreme lengths just to be independent of his help and money.