Growing increasingly anxious about Ned and Kirsten being together at the reunion, Janae flies up to Oakley to see them. But she’s unaware that Ned and Kirsten have run out of fuel on their way, and are stranded in the middle of nowhere. Waiting for help to arrive, they reminisce and realise that they may well have ended up together had fate not intervened.

Meanwhile, Janae arrives at the reunion and is horrified when she learns that Ned and Kirsten haven’t been seen all night. Over in the broken down car, Kirsten is given what she thinks is the green light by Ned and moves in for a kiss.

The Kennedys are overjoyed when Susan’s eyesight returns, but Karl is worried about his mounting bills and starts considering his options. Meanwhile, in the fallout of Darren’s affair, Libby becomes more preoccupied with her memory of a perfect Drew. A worried Steph notices, and confides to Toadie that she can see Darren’s side of things. She decides to talk to a defiant Libby, who denies there’s a problem.

Also, when Rachel challenges Angus’s view in a classroom discussion, they both realise that they are attracted to each other intellectually as well as physically.

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